quality appliance repair
quality appliance repair

We at A Plus Appliance Repair take pride in the achievements that the company accomplished with many years in the industry. We are the number one appliance repair Wellington FL. Trusted by all the community in the city and the surrounding cities. We composed of well-trained and experienced workers that perform quality appliance repair both in-home and in the business area. Also, our customers recognized us as appliance repair near me. Since they know that we have complete parts for all kinds of appliances. Moreover, we licensed and insured as well as our workers which give our customers confidence that we can fix their appliances.

Emergency Services

Great customer service at A Plus Appliance Repair of Wellington FL

We understand how important each appliance is, so we are ready to accommodate our customers 24-hours a day seven days a week. As you call us we can fix the same day appliance repair both in-home and in the business area. Our workers are trusted by our customers that even in the middle of the night they allow us to fix their appliances. Call us now, our customer care service will assist you with all of your needs. Or you can leave a message on the prepared boxes on our contact menu together with your information so we can send a reply.