Garbage Disposal

Did your garbage disposal bog down? Are you looking for a reliable repair company? Here at A+, we guarantee quality Fort Lauderdale garbage disposal repair.

Almost half of the American households have garbage disposal units, and if this malfunctions, disposing of food wastes would be problematic. And as an electricity-powered device, garbage disposal units are prone to glitches.

However, if problems occur, your plumbing system will also be in the wringer. Garbage disposal units are connected to the plumbing unit of your house. Shredded food bits can get trapped inside which can cause clogging and a total mess.

Why avail affordable appliance repair FL?

-About 15% of your household wastes are from food leftovers

-More wastes will end up in the landfill if you don’t use a disposal unit, increasing your carbon footprint

-The food wastes will rot and smell on the garbage

What to do if your garbage grinder isn’t working properly?

So you are in the middle of getting rid of the day’s food wastes when your disposal unit suddenly stopped working. What should you do? Should you open it? Here are some tips we recommend here at A+:

Switch it off first. This will spare you from possible electrocution and further damage on your garbage disposal.

Do not use the drain. Don’t let curiosity kill the cat! Never put your hand or anything down the drain if the disposal unit is malfunctioning.

Reset. After turning it off, press the reset switch in front of the garbage grinder.

Restart. Sometimes, the garbage grinder will work smoothly after doing this.

But what if my garbage disposal isn’t working after the reset? Contact A+ right away!

Our plumbers are equipped with the right tools and skills to troubleshoot and fix your disposal unit. DIY repairs may not always work and it could also pose further damages to the device. It’s best to leave the dirty work on the hands of the appliance experts Fort Lauderdale FL.

-We will respond even at night or weekends to get your garbage disposal running

-100% satisfaction guaranteed. We value your money so we ensure that repairs will be flawless

-One of the most trusted in appliance repair Florida. Our decades of experience speak for itself.

We do all types of garbage grinder repair!

Regardless if you have a continuous feed or batch feed unit, our plumbers are trained to deliver seamless repairs. Not sure which one you have? Here‘s a quick difference:

Continuous feed. This works once you flip a switch on the wall and the food wastes are contained in a rubber shield. It also runs quieter than other units.

Batch feed. Made to be safe for homes and families with kids, batch feed garbage disposal units only work when the unit is covered. This takes a while to install and challenging to repair using DIY efforts.

Looking for Fort Lauderdale garbage disposal repair? We have your garbage disposal unit covered here at A+. Just give us a call and we’ll reach out to you the soonest.