Reliable Appliance Repair in Fort Lauderdale

Do you need a reliable appliance repair service in Fort Lauderdale? Our technicians are standing by to ensure your appliance gets fixed fast! We offer appliance repair services in the surrounding Fort Lauderdale area including dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwashing machine repair, stove repair, refrigerator repair, oven repair, and another small appliance repair. We do have a service fee that is waived if the service is performed at the time of the service call. A Plus Appliance Repair is your best appliance repair service in Fort Lauderdale.

Reliable Appliance Repair in Fort Lauderdale FL

An appliance always breaks at the worst time and finding a reliable appliance repair company in Fort Lauderdale is not always a simple task! When you have an appliance such as a refrigerator and freezer, it is legitimately a race against time until your products inside these appliances spoil! When you call on an appliance repair company, you hope that they will answer and arrive when they say they will. Reliable appliance repairmen are just a phone call away with A Plus Appliance Repair! 

Dryer Repair Fort Lauderdale

When the clothes will not dry, and you have already run the dryer 2-3 times, most likely your dryer is broken! The heating element of the dryer is infamous for breaking over time. We find the new dryers break more than the older model dryers. The quality of manufacturing these components has severely declined. A Plus Appliance Repair has fixed over a dozen dryers every month in and around Fort Lauderdale. When you call to schedule your appointment, we will come prepared to service the dryer knowing what part most likely is broken!