Dryer Vent Cleaning

During the rainy season, drying clothes is not easy. Thanks to dryers as they make our clothes dry completely easily. But what if they suddenly stopped working? Well, that can be a problem. Here are the common dryer problems:

Dyer won’t turn on – There are numerous reasons why your dryer won’t start. To find out why you must troubleshoot your dryer to identify the cause. But before you proceed to troubleshooting, check first the control settings and ensure the settings are correct and all buttons are fully depressed. If you see no problem with settings and button, call an expert dryer repairman. Why because troubleshooting dryer can be harmful, especially when you do not have enough knowledge with it.

Noisy Dryer – One obvious sign your dyer needs some repair is when it is beginning to make noises. If you are hearing a frequent squeaking, squealing, humming and even thumping on your dryer. Do not hesitate to call a professional dryer repairman. Call an expert immediately to avoid more damages.

Broken Belt – If your dryer’s drum won’t tumble, the most common cause of this is a defective belt. This simply means that your dryer’s belt needs to be replaced. Contact a repairman to replace it for you.

No heat – If you think your dryer isn’t producing any heat, check first the settings if it is the appropriate settings for your clothes. If it is correct, then there might be a problem with the thermal fuse, heating elements, power cord or other parts of the dryer. Call an expert to identify the cause of the problem.

Too much heat – Dryer has been the major cause of the fire in many places. If your dryer is producing extreme heat, call a professional dryer technician immediately to get it fixed before it is too late.

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