Dryer Repair

Thanks to our dryers, we can now finish the laundry faster and easier. But what if your appliance needs Fort Lauderdale dryer repair? It’s not a choice to endure manual drying, especially during winter and rainy days. Here at A+, our technicians are always ready to go whenever you need our service.

Be it big or small appliance repair Fort Lauderdale, we consider all our clients as priorities. We know that each piece of your appliance is a story of investment. We want to make sure that your electronics, like your dryer, will be serviceable for as long as possible.

Dryer & washing machine repair – common problems

A dryer can have a myriad of problems. Here are some of the most common issues our clients call us for:

The dryer is not starting! After checking the power source and locking the door close, there might be mechanical and electronic damages that need the attention of experts.

It’s taking too long to dry! If you observed that your dryer is taking longer to dry than it’s supposed to be, you should call professional repair technicians. For gas dryers, the gas source might not be connected properly or there are some parts that need replacement.

There are strange noises! There’s nothing more bothering than hearing loud and strange noises from your dryer. When this happens, plug the appliance off and call us for immediate checking. There might be parts that have to be put back in place.

It’s not heating properly! One of the biggest dilemmas of a dryer is failing to heat up optimally. In this case, you’ll need to have it serviced right away. If not, you’ll use more electricity due to the inefficient condition of your appliance.

Our technicians are masters in the laundry room

If you’re looking for appliance repair Florida, our A+ technicians will be more than glad to be in your service. We know that a lot of us depend on our appliances to have chores done. It’s just right to have all of it functioning properly.

We have handled countless dryer repairs over the past 30 years. From gas to electric models, we got your covered. Aside from repairing, our technicians will also walk you through the diagnosis and fixes applied. This way, you can avoid any possible causes of damages in the future.

Signs that you need US appliance repair for your dryer

If you are thinking twice about seeking repairs, it helps to check for the following signs:

Is your electricity bill skyrocketing? If you noticed something unusual to your dryer and your power bill has increased, it means your appliance isn’t functioning optimally.

Is there grinding and squealing inside the machine? This is a tell-tale sign of damage. If you don’t tap the help of experts, your appliance might end up in smokes!

Does it take forever to finish your laundry? If your laundry takes hours to finish, your dryer might be doing you a big disservice. A quick check by a Fort Lauderdale dryer repair company like A+ will diagnose the problem.