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Our trusted repair service and honest technicians. We are in the industry for more than three decades now, and we take pride in our services by giving our 100% customer satisfaction. We consistently upgrade our knowledge to keep up with the demands of the new product with modern technology. In keeping this, we allow our technicians to attend training and to enhance their experience in all kinds of appliance repair parts. We take pride of our Fort Lauderdale service center because of the excellent appliance repair service they keep on giving to our customers. And with this, we take pride to display our achievement in our appliance repair shop. So, it will give us the encouragement to continue to serve with excellence.


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We offer all kinds of appliances repair service from small toaster bread. To the biggest appliances that you have in your homes like a refrigerator and many others. Our technicians give their 100% the best service to our customers. To keep our best service we allow our technicians to explore more on the new technology that the industry has. So that, we can also give the advance service in appliance repair. We commit ourselves to give all that we know to give the best of our best. Serving our customers with complete satisfaction is the greatest achievement of our company.

Besides our service, we also offer low-cost repair service with a free estimate. It is very important to build a strong relationship with our customers. Because we know that if we have a good relationship with them they themselves will recommend us to their family and friends. This is now our business reach this far.

For our future valued customer, we are happy to serve you. Hence, if you have any questions, you can fill up the box below and send to us we will answer it promptly.

Appliance Repair Fort Lauderdale

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About Us

Most people have a love-hate relationship with their AC unit. You love it when the AC is hot outside but fills the house with cool air, but hate when it’s only hot on the outside yet it does nothing in the house. As a company that has done air conditioning and appliance repair for more than thirty years, we have done many repairs on air conditioners that people rely on so much, especially during summer. We can easily say without a doubt that it is cheap and easy to maintain your AC and all home appliances on a regular basis than to replace it. To keep your AC in a good condition for ages, you need to maintain it well, this includes having an appliance repair once you notice something wrong. The wrong repair will end up destroying your air conditioner the more so you need the best appliance repair company to do repairs on your AC. Apart from repairing your AC, here are other ways that will help you maintain your AC:
Appliance Repair Fort Lauderdale

Keep Plants Far From The Unit

The look of outdoor conditioning condensers is not an appealing sight so many homeowners do their best to hide them from the access of the eye. Many people use plants, trellises, and fences as a way of hiding the ugly A/C units. However, these units adequate air flow from all sides to give the best performance. Our appliance repair Fort Lauderdale experts recommend that you give an allowance of 3 feet when hiding your AC. If you use plants to hide the AC, then be sure to clean up the leaves that might have fallen on the unit, and other debris.

Have The Filter Changed

To maintain a central air conditioning unit, you need to maintain its airflow so changing the filter of the system is essential. Filters usually have a recommended schedule for a replacement though this may vary depending on how much you use the unit and how dirty the unit is. if you are not sure when and how to replace your filter, you can always ask for help from us, we offer the best appliance repair, including filter replacement.

Have It Thoroughly Cleaned of Debris And Pollen

Most homeowners tend to forget about their air conditioners because they are placed in an unnoticeable location. Don’t neglect such an easy task. The condenser sucks in air, and in the process, it makes pollen and all kinds of debris to cling to its exterior. When the dirt gets too much, they restrict airflow which causes its efficiency of cooling the house. Furthermore, it causes the unit to overheat.

Get Professional Inspection And Cleaning

It is wise to get regular cleaning and maintenance done by appliance repair professionals. Professionals will inspect your control box, fan, coil, blades, and motor among other things. In addition, an expert will inspect the refrigerant levels and adjust them if necessary. Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.