Signs of Hot Water Heater Failure

The water heater is very common in every home in South Florida. In this article, we will look exactly what to do when the water heater is not producing hot water. Here are some reasons why this could happen, and a number of things the hot water heater was due to the fact that homeowners usually will miss.

How Old is the Water Heater

Usually, when you move to a new house the water heater is already built in, so it is precisely you don’t have an idea how old the water heater is. For a long time, the water heater will run a long time from the expected years it develops. In view of this, it is hard to remember the last time it replaced. Basically, there is an identification number on the water heater that will provide the year it was produced. If the water heater is longer than ten years old and there is in need of repair, it might consider replacing the water heater.

Discolor Water Originating from the Water Heater

If the water from the hot water faucets has tarnished or rusty hue it means that there is corrosion inside the water heater tank. This is not a good sign to see. As the interior of the storage tank starts to develop a rust. Certainly, the storage tank has rusted through completely. The main sign to know is if there is water leaking on the water heater from the tank. However, there is also some point for the hot water to discolor.

The Water Heater is Making Weird Sound

In the course of time as the water heater is operating, sediments will certainly establish on the interior of the tank. When it is warmed and reheated the sediment will harden and will result in lower efficiency. It will need more energy to produce hot water then. As the sediment increase, it will develop it will start to trigger banging or popping noises within the storage tank.


If these things happen and it is out of your control better to call the professional to repair or replace the water heater. Call A Plus Appliance.

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