Top Refrigerator Problems

Refrigerator Problems

A refrigerator is one of the most important kitchen equipment. It keeps our food safe and keeps it fresh by slowing down the bacterial growth. But what if your refrigerator stops working? Well, that will be surely a burden to you, right? Home appliances including refrigerator stop working because of different reasons. Here are some list of refrigerator problems.

  • Leaking – A leaky refrigerator can be disgusting as it may ruin your kitchen floor and itself. If you are having troubles like this, better check out the tubing. The tubing carries the water to the refrigerator’s water dispenser. Clogged tubing and cracked drain pan are usually the culprits of a leaky refrigerator.
  • Ice buildup – There are several factors why ice buildup in your freezer. One possible reason is a faulty door gasket. A faulty door gasket can prevent your freezer door from closing properly. Or there could be an air circulation issue on your refrigerator. If not, then maybe your refrigerator’s defrost timer is faulty.
  • Constantly running – Is your refrigerator constantly running? Well, that sounds not so good as it may increase your energy bill. This is usually caused by dirty condenser coils and frosted over the evaporator. If both of these are working, check your if the door’s gasket is malfunctioning. Faulty door gasket could trick your refrigerator making it think that you want it constantly open.
  • Noisy – You can never be at peace with a noisy refrigerator as it can disrupt your peace. If you are having noisy refrigerator issues, then check the condenser fan motor or the evaporator fan motor. They are usually the culprit for noisy refrigerators.

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