DIY Appliance maintenance tips

Many people neglect the appliance maintenance. But did you know that it is important? Why? Because Regular appliance maintenance is important as it prolongs your appliances’ lifespan. That’s why we’ve provided a simple DIY appliance maintenance tips and guide for you below. Here are the 5 easy DIY appliance maintenance:

  1. Clean Air Conditioner Filter – One of the most commonly used appliances is the air conditioner. But what if it suddenly stopped working? Then clean it. Cleaning it every two to four weeks is very important. Why? Because dirty filter can restrict the airflow which may lead to a shorter lifespan. To clean your Air conditioner’s filter, you first have to remove the front panel then vacuum your reusable filter to remove the dirt and clogged. If you are using disposable filters, then replace it.


  1. Clean the coils of your refrigerator – We use the refrigerator to store our foods and sometimes we even forgot to clean it. But just like other appliances refrigerators also need some maintenance to keep it working at its best. Clean the coils of your refrigerator using a handheld vacuum to remove the dirt and dust that may prevent the airflow. Coils are commonly found in the back of the kick plate or rear of the fridge depending on the model.


  1. Clean Stove Spills – Stove Spills are inevitable especially when you are cooking. So, clean these spills to prolong and extend the lifespan of this kitchen appliance. Food spills may prevent your stove burner from turning on. So, clean and brush it off using a toothbrush.


  1. Keep Electrical Appliances Oiled and Clean – Just like motor vehicles, many electrical appliances require regular cleaning and oiling. So, to keep those working into their top condition ensure that they are properly cleaned and oiled. But always remember to use the proper oil and proper amount into them.


  1. Clean Food Spills on Microwave – One of the most frequently used appliance is microwave, as we use it to cook and reheat foods. And one of the best way to keep it working on its best is by cleaning food spills and stains inside it after every use to avoid rotten smells.


Cleaning appliances regularly are essential to make them last longer. Moreover, cleaning your appliances will save you into buying a new one. However, cleaning appliances can be a hassle especially when you are on a busy schedule. And sometimes, appliance cleaning and maintenance is not as easy as you think. It requires knowledge about cleaning appliances because improper cleaning of the appliance may just result in completely damaging it. That’s why sometimes an appliance technician is needed such cases like this. So, if you are asking yourself, is there any appliance repair near me? Then, just drop by at A Plus Appliance Repair, we are an appliances repair Florida and we also wholesale used appliances Florida. We guarantee that we have the best technicians and best service you can ever have and experience here in Florida. So, hurry and contact us right away!

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