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Appliances Repair Services in South Florida

Leader in Appliance Repair From Boca Raton to Ft Lauderdale

For many years, A Plus Appliance Repair has been serving Broward and Palm Beach County for all sorts of repair of appliance calls! We pride ourselves in being the best dish washer repair service in South Florida. A Plus Appliance is part of a nationwide collaboration of Appliance Repairmen and women! Our heavily qualified team of local technicians ready to repair dishwashers, repair dryer, leaky washing machines, and even refrigeration repairs! Expert technicians understand how to work with high quality appliances like we find on our appliance repair Boca Raton service calls! We have the ability to fix a wide market of Appliance Repair brands including the top leaders:



Emergency Appliance Repair

Fort Lauderdale Appliance Repair

So there is something wrong with your dryer? Maybe oven not working? Microwave producing cold food? Don’t stress! Call the A+ Appliance Repairman.

Does the fridge have some buttons that stopped working? Maybe somehow you shook some wires loose, but do not try to fix it yourself! Call A+ Appliance DISH WASHER REPAIR! A + is the best at that!

Whatever your situation is, you want to call a reliable appliance repair company that works!

Yes, we are the experts for Appliance Installation near me!!
We understand why our clients call us, they just want the appliance fixed! We get it and don’t treat our customers like the other companies do; you won’t be burned by A+!

Fort Lauderdale Appliance Repair
Our mission is to get your appliance working like new again! Call us 561-463-8079 We pride ourselves in striving to be the best appliance repair Davie has to offer. Its been our reputation and dedication to service that has set A+ apart from the others! If you are in need of a Repair of Appliance, call A Plus Appliance! Explore this site or call us to learn how we can call ourselves the best home service repair.
Fort Lauderdale Appliance Repair

Our Expert Appliance Repairman can repair all brand appliances:

Appliance Brands like Sears, Kenmore, Maytag, Frigidaire, Amana, Wolf, Tappan, Samsung, Admiral, Viking, Bosch, Thermador, Capital, Subzero, Frigidaire, Miele, Hotpoint, Magic Chef, Kitchen Aid, Speed Queen, Jenn-Air, Roper, American Icon, Dacor, LG and Paykel.

A+ are the appliance repair pros in South Florida! When someone needs the appliance repair in Fort Lauderdale, A+ is the correct answer in appliance service. Let me explain why we are the best; technology is ever changing and the way appliances are being made are definitely much more advanced. Proper technical education allows our team to excel in the demand for appliance repair services of modern machines! We do a lot of freezer door gasket replacement! Freezer seal replacement is a constant service call of ours!

With the new technology and drastic improvement to appliances comes glitches and complications that arise. New instructions, new components, new parts, and pieces, it's very important to call an appliance repair company you are able to trust to professional repair whatever broke! Yes, we offer a lot of Amana microwave parts!​

credible appliance-repair-Boca-Raton

Is your Samsung top load washer leaking from the bottom? Most of the time it's a gasket that needs to be replaced! Does your dishwasher smell burnt? Yes, we work on Maytag Gas range on a regular basis! We do also work on Bosch oven range. Our appliance repairs in Boca Raton repairs a lot of gas oven clicking but not lighting. Is your Bosch refrigerator no cooling? Do you need Bosch ice maker troubleshooting?

How to fix Dryer Timer

Dryer loud noises can be very disruptive! Do you know how to fix Dryer timer? Is the dryer getting hot but not drying? The GE dryer starter switch might be that actual issue! A lot of Samsung gas dryer not heating and this is a major issue for homeowners! You probably don't know this but the Hotpoint dryer knob needs to be serviced often!

Technology changes, so does the constant education of our technicians! We are always exploring the hottest new products in the appliance market! A+ Appliance Repair Boca Raton is here to provide the best experience and quickest service time making us the best appliance repair company in South Florida!


We all expect our appliances to operate properly at all times. A+ strives to get our appliance repairman to your home quickly and at the exact time we tell you to expect them. There is no waiting between the hours of 9AM and 5PM for a technician to show up. Who has all day to wait in a 4-6 hours window? We offer fast, same day appliance repair service in Fort Lauderdale and Boca Raton!



Appearance and Attitude speak the professionalism of our company! Our clean cut, uniformed technicians will always be professionally presentable even in the heat of summer! Professional Appliance Repair Company, nothing but the best!


When you trust a low tear repair company, you may end up fixing the same problems over and over again because of shotty work, or used parts. Our experts will tell you the honest problem and solution, give you options, and finish your affordable appliance repair.

Perfect Reviews

Perfect reviews have always stood for themselves. We are trusted by our local community as the go to appliance repair services in Broward County serving Palm Beach County as well.


Our good word is our guarantee that keeps us the trusted local Professional Appliance Repair Boca Raton. We guarantee our jobs 100%! Call us to talk about your problems!


Excellence is in the efficiency and effectiveness of the job; and we accept nothing less than keeping a tidy work space. We are partners with a Carpet Cleaner in Fort Lauderdale if you have any concerns!


We are here 24/7 for your needs. A+ is committed to being the #1 appliance repair company in all of south Florida! Call us immediately! 561-463-8079.
Our Repair Policy:

  1. All of our technicians are certified, licensed, and insured in many regards.
  2. A+ prices are the best in town with a no hassle, free estimate over the phone
  3. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Appliance Repair in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas:
Appliance Repair Boca Raton

Appliance Repair FAQ

Q: What makes A+ Appliance Repair different from competitors like Sears and others?

A: A+ Appliance Repair is your trusted local source in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and surrounding areas. Local business owners like us strive to satisfy every customer!

Q: Can I fix this myself watching YouTube videos and the hardware store?

A: We do not believe we should answer that definitively but would say SURE YOU CAN! But you can also hurt yourself and destroy your appliance indefinitely. So, ideally, just call A+ Appliance Repair @ 561-463-8079 and let the pros handle your dryer not heating…

Appliance Repair Services:

Refrigerators – Washers – Dryers – Stoves – Dishwashers – Microwaves – TVs
Our Repair Service team is able to arrive same day with highly qualified, hired technician; as many other companies tend to “farm” out the work, A+ delivers trustworthy employees to your doorstep. We include many services in addition to these: dryer repair; washing machine repair; tv repair; refrigeration repairman; electric stove repair; dishwasher repair; and much more just call 561-463-8079.

View a more detailed list of our Appliance Services, and Appliances Repairs.

Refrigerator Servicing Specialists

If we had a second name, it’d be Refrigeration Repairman in Fort Lauderdale. A lot of refrigerator and freezer door gaskets have to be replaced over time. Samsung refrigerator door seals are constantly leaking out cold air, french doors especially. Signs your door gaskets need to be replaced may be food not cooling to the proper temperature, freezer burn and frost buildup in your freezer, and fridge and freezer doors popping open or not closing properly. Because of this issue, known to happen more frequently with particular brands, A Plus offers the best Kenmore freezer gaskets and Samsung refrigerator door gaskets! Freezer door gasket repair is a common service call for A +. The rubber seal for freezer doors, when malfunctioning, can ruin the entire freezer; does your freezer door open when the refrigerator door closes? A+ is known to specialize in the maintenance and repair of commercial grade walk-in fridge repair, freezer repair, and wine cooler repairs. Do you need us to show you how to level LG refrigerators? We specialize in all Kenmore refrigerator codes. A Plus offers Amana refrigerator repair and Amana fridge ice maker repair too. We are the leader in refrigerator repair Boca Raton Florida for Samsung french door refrigerator manual ice maker. Kenmore refrigerator not dispensing water or ice properly? We can fix that! Samsung ice maker parts are readily on hand to fix your appliance! We service all makes and models and have seen just about every issue with refrigerator, freezers, ice makers and water dispensers. For questions about either commercial or residential, call our team!

Top-Rated Appliance Repair

Washer Machine Service

Washer Machine Service
Next to refrigerators, leaky washing machines are the most common service call we see at A+ Appliance Repair Boca Raton. LG Washer door seal leak very often. Nobody wants to have to clean up after a leaky washing machine. Samsung top load washer leaking from the bottom while your sleeping making a mess! If you have a water emergency because of a leaky washing machine, contact our flood water removal experts. We do fix the washing machine water intel valves. Kenmore front load washer leaking from the bottom is a common service call! Does the washer make a loud noise when agitating? We fix a lot of frontloading frigidaire washer in the Boca Raton area. GE washing machine leaking water into the tub; that can ruin your washing machine in no time. Washing machine leaks into the tub all the time. Washing machine hot water not working so we have to ensure the washer water inlet valve leaking is not the issue. Lots of whirlpool washer not spinning fast enough! Another, LG front loader leaking from the bottom? Maytag washer dripping water into the tub can create mold. which we know is so unhealthy for your home! A Plus stocks many whirlpool washing machine agitator parts. Is your LG washer leaking water from the back? Crosley washer not spinning? If the water is not hot, whirlpool washer heating element most likely needs to be replaced! No-one wants to go to the laundromat, so call A+ Appliance Repairs at 561-463-8079 A+ will get your washer AND dryer spinning again in no time!

Dishwasher Repair

We receive service calls often for leaky dishwashers or dishwashers not draining in Fort Lauderdale. If you have a broken dishwasher don’t let the dishes pile up, call A+ to get your dishwasher repaired immediately! Letting that water sit at the bottom of your dishwasher can cause mold and mildew to build up. Do you need Viking dishwasher troubleshooting? We stock Whirlpool dishwasher kick plates! If your dishwasher smells like it’s burning, the heating element may be bad causing the dishwasher thermostat to burn out. Does your Whirlpool dishwasher fill up with water and start then stop? If your Whirlpool dishwasher heated dry is not working, it’s definitely because the dishwasher heater needs repaired or replaced. If your dishwasher is leaking, the door seal probably needs to be replaced. A lot of Kenmore dishwasher doors won’t close properly. Is your dishwasher soap door not opening? Samsung and Frigidaire Gallery dishwasher gaskets fail all the time. GE dishwasher heating element & Maytag Dishwasher heating element seem to fail on a regular basis as well! We even fix the heated dish drying rack! Do you know how to remove a hardwired dishwasher? We find a lot of dishwasher float switch leaks. Often, the GE dishwasher door latches get stuck, or the dishwasher door won’t open and we have to change it out fully! Many times the Kitchenaid dishwashers do not properly dry and we have to replace the dishwasher heating element. As you can see, there are many things that can go wrong with your dishwasher! But don’t replace it, repair it! A+ Coral Springs appliance can find the dishwasher issues and fix them immediately! Call A+ today!
Dishwasher Repair
Electric and Gas Range

Electric and Gas Range

Do you cook with gas or electric? On a stove, range or cooktop? You name it, A+ fixes it! When your oven or stove top doesn’t heat properly, it can be extremely frustrating, especially when you’re in the middle of cooking! Don’t stress and know that the oven repairman is a phone call away!

Small Appliance Repair

Service calls for small appliance repairs happen every day. A Plus offers Amana microwave parts! We even offer meat slicer repairs. Unfortunately most of the time, your small appliance warranties do not cover the parts and repairs that you need. Are you in need of Sharp microwave oven parts? Have you recently viewed the Kenmore microwave reviews? A lot of Kenmore appliances break! We understand that people have many small appliances, and we do our best to repair them and help you get your money’s worth! We fix microwaves, ice makers, and toaster ovens! When the microwave does not heat properly, it can be more of a safety concern than cold food! Call A+ immediately for your small appliance repairs!
Small Appliance Repair
Why Choose A+?

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